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Wood Grain Humidifier

Wood Grain Humidifier

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Boost Your Respiratory Wellness

The "Wood Grain Humidifier" enhances your home's air quality with a touch of nature. Its ultrasonic technology quietly delivers a fine mist that improves respiratory wellness, combats dryness and soothes allergies. This compact and stylish humidifier merges health benefits with a serene aesthetic, perfect for any space seeking a breath of fresh air.

Ways It Boosts Respiratory Health

Hydrates Air

Adds moisture to dry environments, helping to soothe respiratory passages.

Allergen Reduction

Helps to settle dust and pollen, reducing allergy triggers.

Sinus Relief

Moist air can alleviate sinus congestion and headaches.

Healthier Skin

Maintains skin hydration, which is linked to a robust immune system.

Better Sleep

Comfortable air quality promotes restful sleep, supporting overall health.

Features That Make It Possible

Ultrasonic Mist Technology

Disperses a micro-fine mist for optimal humidity levels.

Wood Grain Design

Natural material design that blends into living spaces and is thought to have a calming effect.

Variable Mist Control

Allows customization of humidity output to meet individual health needs.

Quiet Operation

Ensures a disturbance-free environment, enhancing relaxation and sleep.

Easy-to-Clean Tank

Reduces mold and bacteria build-up, ensuring clean mist output.

Product Description

  • Product Name:300ml mini USB air humidifier Aroma diffuser
  • Size: 11.6*11.6*12.7cm (4.56*4.56*5inch)
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Nebulizing volume: 30*45ml/h
  • Power supply: 5V1A
  • Material: PP plastic (BPA-free), electronic components


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